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How Content Marketing Works (+ Examples)

As a business owner, you have probably heard of content marketing. This strategy, which uses various types of content to generate leads for your business, is an effective way to achieve success. However, it’s essential to understand how content marketing works to ensure you use this method as effectively as possible.

In this guide, we will delve into the inner workings of content marketing and how you can take advantage of this strategy to improve your business. Keep reading for tips and examples, and you’ll be an expert content marketer in no time!

What is content marketing?

In its simplest form, content marketing is a method of attracting potential customers to your business through digital materials. To achieve this goal, you create interesting and relevant content that targets your audience. 

What does content marketing do for businesses?

There are several desirable outcomes that can come about as a result, including:

  • Establishing your company as an authority: By spreading informative content related to your business and industry, you show your viewers that you’re a knowledgeable source they can trust.
  • Driving traffic to your site: Posting various forms of content allows potential customers to find your site organically. Boosting traffic increases your chances at getting them to purchase. 
  • Increasing brand recognition: Content marketing enables you to spread the word about your company, products and services.

In the end, content marketing draws people in so that they eventually want to buy from your business, your brand grows in popularity and you establish yourself as a competitive player in your field.

Popular types of content marketing

The next step to understanding how content marketing works is to look at the various materials you can use. Some common examples of content marketing include: 

  • Blog posts: Informational blog posts are a great way to attract people to your business by answering their popular search queries. For example, if you run a landscaping service, you may publish content about which flowers work best for low-light spaces.
  • Videos: Using videos for marketing can introduce new offerings, show customers how to use your products and cover industry trends and events. You can post your videos anywhere, including your own website and on platforms such as Facebook or YouTube, to market your content.
  • Infographics: Infographics are a fun way to share information with your audience quickly. These graphics present material about your company or products in a way that is easy to view and understand. 
  • Social media posts: The rise of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and video-sharing apps like TikTok has opened a new world of opportunity for content marketers. Creating social media content that promotes your company is a highly effective way to achieve your marketing goals.
  • Website content: Your website should be a powerhouse for content. You can build out product pages, your homepage and other areas to supply readers with all the information they need.

You can use these content types and more to effectively meet your business’s marketing goals. 

Examples of companies that mastered content marketing

Sometimes, the best way to learn how a strategy works is to look at others who have effectively integrated it into their own operations. Here are two companies that are excelling in the content marketing field.

1. Spotify

Spotify is a music streaming service that has perfected the art of content marketing with its Spotify Wrapped campaign. The service compiles user-generated data — like how much you listen to music and which artists you prefer — and then releases the data in a colorful format at the beginning of each December.

Creators and listeners alike share their Spotify Wrapped stats on various social media platforms, giving the music streaming service free marketing. This strategy inspires individuals to create Spotify accounts to see their own Wrapped statistics, increasing the company’s user base and revenue.

2. Slim Jim

The Slim Jim snack brand, owned by Conagra Brands, has taken an innovative approach to content marketing on Instagram by connecting with audience members through memes and comments.

While many brand pages use memes to connect with their audiences, Slim Jim takes this method a step further by frequently interacting with consumers in the comments and posting witty comments on other popular Instagram pages. With over 1.4 million followers on Instagram, this brand has proved the success of its content marketing strategy.

5 features of effective content marketing

When designing your content, consider these elements to ensure your marketing strategy is successful:

  • Unique: Your customers will notice you when you stand out from other companies. Create content that is exclusively your own.
  • Informative: Your content should tell your audience something about you, whether it informs them about your brand or teaches them about your products or services.
  • On-brand: When designing your content, ensure it stays consistent with your brand
  • Engaging: The purpose of your content is to attract potential customers, so create material that will hold your audience’s attention.
  • Shareable: To succeed in content marketing, create material your customers enjoy enough to share with family and friends. This shareability promotes your business.

Refine your content marketing strategy

Do you want to use content marketing to improve your business endeavors? WebFX is here to help! 

WebFX has the tools and expertise necessary to create a beneficial strategy and top-tier content for your company. Their digital marketing services help companies across industries optimize their content and engage their audience. 

Use GradeMyWebsite to rank your current strategy and see how you are performing. Then, contact WebFX for more information about content marketing services!

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