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Google receives over 2.3 trillion searches each year, and due to the complexity in its algorithm, it’s never been more difficult to figure out how to rank your website highly. GradeMyWebsite helps marketers find weak spots and areas of opportunity to better optimize their websites – and it’s free!



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What does the Free Website Auditor Do?


Every website owner faces challenges with their website. At this very moment, you may be frustrated that your website is not ranking well for keywords that are really important to you, getting the website traffic you need, or you might be having a hard time with a competitor outperforming you on the web. You may be wondering how to perform an analysis of your website to figure out the “why” behind these problems. Not to worry! These are common issues that many websites and business owners have overcome with a little guidance and investment in SEO.

Our website auditor tool can provide that guidance for you by conducting a complete analysis of your website’s performance. Our tool is absolutely free — with no credit card required! The website performance report includes a search engine optimization (SEO) check and a website quality test. The tool will return a comprehensive PDF version of your website’s score to help you determine how your site is competing against others like it on the web. It’ll show you exactly where your website contains opportunities for improvement and how to make those improvements. If you feel like you don’t have the time to make all the necessary changes, you can always get the help of an expert SEO agency to do it all for you!


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How Can I Get My Website to Rank Well on Google?

In-Depth Report: How To

Search engine optimization is the practice of getting your website to rank highly in Google search results – but getting a website to rank well is not easy. There are hundreds upon hundreds of ranking factors that determine how your website will rank when someone performs a Google search. Not to mention, Google updates its algorithm more than once per day!

Fortunately, our SEO checker tool can help shed some light on what you can do on your website to start seeing some improvements in search result rankings. Some of the most common issues that you might find on our website performance report include problems with image optimization, title tags, meta descriptions, and link profile. These are fundamental SEO items that are easily fixed, and our free website tester can show you exactly how in the SEO analysis report that is emailed directly to you!

What if I Have Questions?

We know that SEO can be a little confusing, especially technical SEO. It’s perfectly normal to feel as though you may not fully understand what you need to do on your website to help it perform better, even after receiving your free website evaluation. Many people don’t realize that it’s very hard to perform really solid SEO on your website without devoting large amounts of time to it. It is a slow and steady process that can sometimes take months before you see any real results from your hard work.

If you have additional questions about your SEO strategy after receiving your free analysis of your site from our website grading tool, please feel free to reach out to us by phone at 1.888.449.3239 or contact us online. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you strategize a successful SEO plan for your website!

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