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How PPC Ads Affect Your SEO

By GradeMyWebsite

Internet marketing is rarely a “this or that” process. Numerous marketing channels must be used in different capacities, but always in a complementary fashion. PPC and SEO are no different.

Using both channels together is a great way to boost the results and longevity of your marketing efforts.

Technically speaking, PPC does not directly affect your website’s rankings. However, there’s more than meets the eye when considering how the two can interact.

Let’s explore exactly how PPC ads can affect your SEO, and what you can do to ensure you’re getting the most out of both approaches.

PPC keyword performance is actionable SEO information

With SEO, you could spend weeks performing in-depth keyword research and optimizing your site for those keywords. But no matter how solid your strategy, the results will not be instantaneous. It could be months before you start seeing the rankings you want.

This is where PPC becomes extremely useful.

Much like SEO, PPC operates based on keywords. But because it’s paid traffic, you’ll have access to lots of users and traffic very quickly. As soon as you launch your PPC campaign, data starts pouring in.

Oftentimes, you’ll have more data from mere days of running a PPC campaign than from months of SEO work.

Why is this important? If you find a PPC keyword performing exceptionally well, that’s all the proof you need to focus your SEO efforts on the same keyword. While it’s no guarantee of SEO success, it’s a solid indicator for your SEO campaign.

Simply put, PPC campaigns give you invaluable keyword data that can help improve your SEO.

When combined, PPC and SEO maximize search engine visibility

Even if you’re ranking #1 for a given keyword, paid ads will still appear in the search results before your site does.

But what if you have a fantastic PPC campaign running as well? You could potentially dominate the search results, displaying in the paid results at the top of the page, in addition to ranking #1 organically.

As an added bonus, having your business appear multiple times near the top of your page works to increase brand visibility and recognition overall.

Double-dip your PPC work to increase SEO results

Most PPC campaigns utilize landing pages with very specific, targeted ad copy in order to maximize conversion rates.

Index these landing pages whenever possible to aid your SEO efforts. Because these pages are so niche to begin with, they’re perfect for targeting long-tail keywords.

Not only will indexing these pages lead to organic clicks, but you’ll already have an idea of how successful they might be based on your PPC campaign data.

Use PPC remarketing to capitalize on unconverted organic traffic

Have you ever shopped for something online, then had ads relating to that product follow you around the internet for the next few days? This is remarketing, and it’s incredibly valuable.

What if someone is interrupted while browsing your site for a product or service, or simply needs more time to research their options before converting?

There’s no guarantee they’ll return to your site to buy. Remarketing campaigns can greatly increase return visits and, ultimately, conversions. Seeing your ad a day later will remind users of what they were thinking about buying, or that they got interrupted in the middle of the process

If they do decide to buy, these ads do much to ensure it will be from your website.

This is one of the best examples of PPC and SEO working together to achieve maximum profit. While the initial lead is organically generated, it’s your PPC efforts that close out the conversion.

The best of both worlds

PPC and SEO are two of the most powerful tools in any marketer’s arsenal. Optimizing them to work harmoniously is the first step towards dominating your industry’s market.

The beauty of incorporating this synergy into your marketing strategy is that it doesn’t require starting from scratch, or any other radical pivoting.

Are you working on SEO but don’t have any active PPC campaigns? Head on over to Google Ads and get set up in no time!

Are you a PPC wizard, but unsure of SEO? Use the data from your PPC campaigns to jumpstart your SEO efforts!

There’s no losing when it comes to utilizing PPC and SEO in tandem.

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