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How to Write a Good “About Us” Page

While you’ve probably devoted a lot of time and effort to developing your business website’s home, product and service pages, you may have overlooked another vital area — your “About Us” page.

In one study, 52% of survey respondents indicated that the “About Us”’ page was the first thing they wanted to browse after landing on a website. Optimizing this page is crucial for making a favorable first impression and keeping visitors on your site. 

Why is the “About Us” page so important?

Creating a killer “About Us” page is essential for several reasons:

  • Helps you tell your story: Savvy buyers want to know more than basic facts and figures about a company. This page is ideal for expanding on your history and explaining why you started the business in the first place. A compelling story engages the reader, establishes trust, and leads to a sale.
  • Humanizes your company: Many customers want to deal with real people. The “About Us” page is perfect for identifying your business’s key players and including brief bios outlining their relevant skills and experience.
  • Evokes emotions: Although consumers use facts when making decisions, emotion is the driving force behind purchasing behaviors. Appealing to each visitor’s feelings can subconsciously motivate your site’s visitors to take the next step and buy your product or service.
  • Allows you to state your benefits: Most of your visitors will wonder what makes your company different. Your “About Us” page is the best place to mention and expand on your unique selling proposition (USP) — one significant detail that makes your business stand out from the competition.
  • Explains how you do it: Buyers want to know more about your company’s operations. Are you a one-person shop, or do you have several locations? Where and how do you make your products? Where do you get your manufacturing materials? You can answer many pertinent questions on your page.

Best practices for writing a captivating “About Us” page

You can optimize your website’s “About Us” page by following a few steps.

  1. Keep your target audience in mind

People who come to your site are already interested in your products or services — that’s why they’re there. By including content that appeals to your ideal customer, you’re more likely to hold their attention and deliver the information they want to know about your company. Imagine that you’re having a conversation with the visitor and tailor your writing accordingly. 

  1. Avoid hype

While you might want to embellish when telling your company’s story, you should stay away from superlatives or unfounded claims. You’re trying to establish credibility and trust — you don’t want to make false promises. 

While the “About Us” page is the best place on your site to list your perks, you’re more likely to connect with the visitor by sticking to the facts and referencing quantifiable information. For example, instead of stating that your company is experiencing tremendous growth, give a percentage for how much your sales have increased.

  1. Establish trust

The Internet makes it easier for customers to purchase your products or services. However, it presents more challenges when trying to earn their trust, especially compared to other selling methods like in-person or over the telephone. 

Besides offering factual, verifiable information about your company, you should also include your physical location. By doing so, you’re letting visitors know that you’re more than just another impersonal web address. You don’t need to list your mailing address — you can save that for your contact page — but a brief mention of your city and state will resonate with your customers and prospects. 

Including a professional-looking headshot or a photo of yourself or the company’s owner is another way to add a personal touch. 

  1. Insert your USP near the top

In the newspaper business, the phrase “above the fold” refers to the upper half of the publication’s front page. This high-visibility area is where editors place the most important or attention-grabbing news.

The same concept applies to your “About Us” page. Since visitors must know what your USP is, you should position it somewhere in the top half of the page to display it prominently.

  1. Be specific

Rather than making bold claims or statements, use your “About Us” page to provide specific information that users may want to know. 

For instance, don’t say that you offer the most reliable shipping in your industry. Instead, point out that you’ve maintained an impressive 99.5% shipping rate over the past five years. 

One way to develop page content in this area is to think about the questions your customers ask most frequently and provide direct, concise answers.

  1. List your credentials

Has your company earned any prestigious industry awards? Do you hold a specialized degree or certification related to your business? Mention any credentials that validate your experience, expertise, or accomplishments on your “About Us” page, as these will help establish credibility with your site’s visitors.

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