Types of Google Search Console Reports

Making a website for your business is an exciting step and uncovers an extra layer of exposure for your brand. You want your website to be discovered by and frequently visited by your target audience and learn how they navigate through it. This information is readily available for you on Google Search Console, which provides information about how users behave on your website and your performance metrics in relation to Google as a search engine.

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What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a keyword and search engine optimization (SEO) tool that gives website administrators insight into various performance metrics and areas where your business can improve online to boost your visibility and SEO efforts. 

Understanding the average amount of time users spend on your website before leaving gives you a tangible goal for improving your reach by giving you the tools to identify any problem areas that contribute to unsatisfactory metrics. These reports about your website’s ranking statistics give you insight into what SEO strategy is working for your business.

This tool also gives you reports concerning any pages on your website with indexing errors that prevent Google’s crawlers from accessing their content and ranking them accordingly to match search queries. This information is crucial, helping you detect anything that is underperforming and hurting your business’s reach.

Google Search Console reports

The metrics you will receive from Google Search Console will provide an in-depth perspective of the data you need to see the complete picture of your website’s performance. Google will give you insight that covers a range of metrics, from an average user’s bounce rate — which indicates how frequently people leave your website as soon as they visit it — to how people are linking to it.

The following are examples of the kind of information you can expect to receive from your Google Search Console account:

1. Users’ search behavior

Google will provide insight into how often users encounter your website by matching a particular search query. If the information you receive isn’t what you were aiming for, having this information will give you a clearer idea of what to improve in your website’s content in order to achieve the results you want.

2. Performance report

These metrics will give you insight into which keywords were the ones that allowed users to find your website within a particular period. The report will tell you how many impressions your website has made and how many clicks it has received. Each of these metrics is important to note for the following reasons:

  • Impressions: Your impressions indicate how visible your website is from search engines. Even if a searcher doesn’t visit your site, your page has made an impression by showing up in the results.
  • Clicks: Your click-through rate (CTR) is a measure of how frequently visitors visit your website from search engines. This information is crucial for understanding your average visitor amount over a particular period and will show you if certain improvement attempts have worked to your brand’s advantage. A high CTR will also indicate if your pages accurately match searchers’ intent by showing you how often users visit your site when looking for answers.
  • Position: The position metric gives you insight into your average ranking position on Google. Due to this information constantly fluctuating, understanding your average position will tell you if your SEO efforts are performing strongly and keep you visible in search queries to those you’re targeting.

3. URL inspection

Search engines like Google use crawlers to examine a page’s content, such as its URL, and determine if it’s eligible for ranking in results pages. This process can take time, so Google Search Console offers you the option to manually submit pages for crawling and get ranked faster.

4. Coverage report

This tool’s coverage report will provide insight into how your page appears online. You will get to see if a page is:

  • Valid: This designation is for pages that have no errors at all and appear online easily. These pages are the ones Google had no issues indexing and ranking on Google search results pages.
  • Valid with warning: This category is for pages that, while showing up correctly, have a few issues that should be resolved in order to address potential problems. 
  • Excluded: Google will mark a page excluded if crawlers had difficulty accessing the content or if the content was too faulty to be included within the ranks.

5. Links report

The link report on Google Search Console will provide insight into whether your internal linking on certain pages is sufficient, which pages are externally linking back to your website, and which anchor text is being used with those external links. You can get a clear idea of how your content corresponds to related content from players in your industry.

All of these metrics are available alongside information surrounding your website’s usability on mobile devices and what you can do to boost this for mobile users who also need to gain access to your website content. Accessing this information for your own website requires you to create an account for Google Search Console and connect your website’s domain to give Google the space to crawl and index your content.

If you’re looking to access metrics related to traffic sources, user behavior on your website, and conversion rates, check out our guide on what Google Analytics tracks.

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Performance metrics are essential because they illustrate how your website reaches your target audience, as well as how these individuals behave when they come into contact with your content. By understanding what these metrics represent, your brand can put measures in place to generate leads and convert visitors into buyers. 

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