How to Check Google Ranking

Learning how to check Google ranking lets you know how much exposure your website receives for specific keywords. Checking your website’s Google ranking may help you identify areas of strengths and weaknesses you can improve on to rank higher on the SERPs and boost your return on investment (ROI).

how to check Google ranking

Read on for more information about how to check your website ranking using Google Search Console and other similar tools!

Google Ranking Factors

Google has long established itself as the world’s biggest and most used search engine. Having such an influence and market dominance means there are stringent requirements for businesses that want to rank at the top on their SERPs.

There are specific factors Google considers when businesses attempt to rank themselves. For one, any ranking can not be bought. There are hundreds but only a few that will help your website rank on the first page. These include:

  • Backlinks: A backlink is a referenced hyperlink from another authoritative website used in your website to substantiate information. It is a credible source that may help drive traffic back to their site; the more backlinks your site contains the more trustworthy it is deemed.
  • User search intent: Users who use a search engine to find content related to your website have a specific goal or intention in mind, which must be inferred from the keywords they insert.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): How and how much organic or unpaid traffic you direct to your website is determined by the effectiveness of the SEO strategies you have in place. The goal is to rank on top of SERPs to gain maximum exposure and attract a larger target audience.
  • Keyword optimization: By optimizing the keywords used in your content, users can easily find your website which should be ranked higher if the keywords were used appropriately.
  • High-quality content: Your website content should be relatable and contain suitable imagery, colors and accurate, up-to-date, relevant information.
  • Responsive design: Users should be able to access your website from any platform, including mobile devices for a seamless experience.
  • Loading speed: Users should not experience any lag when they access your site.
  • Website security: Preference is given to secure sites that protect visitors.
  • On-page experience: Users should be able to navigate your site easily and with minimal effort, without leaving it at first glance.
  • Content relevance: Website content must be relevant and return accurate results related to the search terms.

The importance of checking your website ranking

It’s important to check your website’s Google ranking regularly to identify possible trends that can help you further optimize your site.

Based on its performance you’ll be able to pick up on areas that can be improved and what’s working well, then work out strategies to help improve your ranking.

Using Google Search Console (GSC) to check your Google ranking

Your go-to for checking your ranking is Google Search Console. It provides you with accurate results on your website’s performance since it’s a native Google feature. Here’s how to use GSC.

  1. Access GSC at https://search.google.com/search-console/about
  2. Click ‘Start now’.
  3. Choose your property type, which will be the domain or URL prefix.
  4. You’ll be asked to verify ownership.
  5. Once in the Console, access the Performance tab and click ‘Search Results’.
  6. Clicking on ‘Queries’ will enable you to view the search terms that help your page rank.

Update the info in the chart to match the table by selecting the average position. This will show you how many impressions you have and the clicks per keyword that determine the click-through rate.

Other tools to check your Google rankings

While GSC is often the preferred tool to check website ranking, there are numerous others available to establish your ranking. We’ve summarized a few popular ones below.

1. MozPro

Besides checking your website’s ranking, MozPro is reputable for its keyword tracking feature. It allows you to audit sites and lay out your proposed keywords comprehensively while navigating your top keywords’ performance on all platforms.

It helps you monitor dips in rankings so you can plan ahead. Unlike GSC and other tools, you’ll get exact results as opposed to an average position for a minimal fee once the free trial has expired.

2. SEMRush

SEMRush is similar to MozPro in that it focuses largely on keywords that help you rank organically. It also checks how your website has ranked.

The Organic Research feature provides you with insight into the keywords that have helped your website reach its current ranking. It helps determine the keywords’ difficulty and ranking position based on this.

You’re also able to view your keyword performance in graph format.

3. Ahrefs

This highly recommended rank-checking site emphasizes and analyzes your search engine ranking by its overall SEO performance.

Ahrefs gives you results on keyword rankings on all platforms, like MozPro and furthermore displays your rankings for “people also ask”, featured snippets and other Google features.

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How to Check Google Ranking

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