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How to Get Ideas in Online Marketing

Just like writer’s block, running into an idea block with online marketing ideas is an awful feeling. You need new blog post ideas or want to create a cool infographic. How should we approach this advertisement? You feel like you are in a hole or rut that you can’t get out of no matter how much you try to dig out. Stop digging, stop struggling. Get up and go on a walk. Even if it is raining or there is a blizzard at the moment get up and walk around to clear your head. The rut that you have put yourself in has been created by your own digging. Just as the movies have shown us, if you struggle in quicksand, you will sink faster. Take a walk and think about your weekend plans to clear your head.

A graphic with text: Get inspired! Research and find ideas (do not copy), then produce your own

Finding and Producing Ideas

There are two ways you can get online marketing ideas for your business. You can find them, or you can produce them. Doing both at the same time is pretty common. Our ideas and creativity stem from the world around us. It is vital that you recognize in this technological era that originality is impossible. At some point, someone else had a similar idea. Although you probably can’t produce an original idea, you can create a personalized idea. Do not steal ideas though, make them your own.

Finding Ideas

First, search for online marketing ideas on Google. Great! You already did that because that is what got you here! Read this content and think about the fact that this is technically online marketing material. Breakthrough the fourth wall of your screen and ask yourself why this blog post was written. Who is it designed for? Is it effective? Try to take as much from the content you read and create ideas from it.

  • Go Where Creativity Is

Pinterest is a beautiful social media for ideas. The creativity is astounding and visually appealing. Search the same questions on that social media platform. Maybe start a conversation with someone on the app.

Another option is searching on Answer the Public. Despite the unnerving old man trying to get you to hurry up your search, this tool is extremely effective in creating a mind map of thoughts revolving around a specific topic.

  • Cross the Generational Gap

Talk to your mom, someone who is older than you by 10 years and someone who is younger than you by 10 years. Most likely, your mom does not do online marketing for the same business you do. Bounce your thoughts off of her and see what she says. Her perspective will be completely fresh and new since she is not going to work trying to come up with ideas. 

Ask someone who is older than you and younger than you. They have different approaches to your area of marketing because they either have a large amount of life experience, or very little life experience. Since they are at two different stages in life, they will view your problem differently.

  • Look at Past Ideas

Taking time to go through what you have already completed will boost your confidence and give you examples of success and failure. Some of your ideas were effective, some failed. See if you can grow your effective ideas or fix the failed plans.

If you find a beautiful idea do not take full credit for it. No matter how much it is your idea and how little the other person played a part in the idea’s development, this tactic will help you. When someone gives you praise for an effective outside of the box idea and you give the credit to your mom, it will not go unnoticed. If they see that you share the credit for an idea, people will be more likely to share their ideas with you. You can be the steam engine for idea success because you do not take all of the credit. In the end, this will lead to a more effective and diverse online marketing strategy.

Producing Ideas

Producing ideas is more difficult than finding ideas, although they develop in similar ways. Whenever you come up with a brilliant idea, it stemmed from something that was already in existence. When was the last time you came up with a great idea that was effective while staring at a blank piece of paper? Probably never. Immersing yourself in content and ideas makes your brain create paths and prompts your thoughts in a direction. If you are looking for keywords for your search engine optimization strategy (SEO) in a blank excel sheet, you will probably write down all of the ones you have already created. Go into your Google ads and see what people have searched. Read content about your industry.

There was probably a time you were reading an industry-related article that suggested a concept. That concept indirectly related to a problem you were dealing with. A eureka moment occurred and you got a rush of energy because you wanted to implement your idea. The next day the energy is gone and the plan is less clear. This is because you did not use that energy to write out the initial plan. Idea management is as vital as idea creation because it determines the success of the idea.

Idea Management

When contemplating new online marketing ideas you probably started by trying to remember an idea you had before. This is a bad idea. The energy and the content that produced that idea is gone, so it will not develop correctly. 

When you come up with an idea, take the time to automatically create the idea’s plan and multiple areas of opportunity. Note, you are not creating your final plan, you are creating a sheet with everything that created the idea. This way you can return to it with a clear mind and develop the actual plan.

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