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Website Analysis

Here are some of the factors we’ll take into consideration when grading your website.


How much organic traffic is your site receiving? Our grader will rank you based on what it would cost to purchase PPC for your specified keyword.


How often do you use the keyword you entered on your website? Is it not appearing enough to help you rank? Our grader will tell you.


Links are an important signal of trust for search engines. We’ll tell you if the number of incoming links is high enough.


Is your website sending the right signals to search engines? Our grader will look for troubling status codes or improper programming.


Are your title and meta tags optimized for SEO? We’ll inspect them closely to look for missing or improperly optimized tags.


How popular is your website and content on social media? We’ll look at recent mentions of your website to give you a grade for this metric.

Our website grader will crawl your website and examine it from top to bottom, evaluating everything from title tags to headers to anchor text. Once we’ve explored your site, we’ll present you with a report that summarizes your total site quality and presents individual scores for a total of 15 different metrics.

This detailed analysis will provide you with all the information you need to improve your site’s SEO. It will identify troubling server errors, problems with tags or on-page keywords, and suggest ways that you can increase backlinks or social shares. By following the advice provided on your report, you can boost your placement in search engines for your desired keyword, thus driving more traffic and increasing your conversion rate.

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