15 Best WordPress Plugins You Should Be Using

WordPress is a popular and one of the largest CMS options out there today. It’s users range from local business owners, simple blog writers to huge e-commerce websites. That being said, the possibilities are endless. This list showcases fifteen of the best WordPress plugins. They focus on creating security for your website, fun ways to increase user experience, image optimizers, form builders and traffic growing SEO optimizers. 

SEO Optimizing Plugins


Yoast SEO

Search engine optimization, SEO, is a growing need for sites everywhere. Ranking in search engines like google using organic traffic has become highly competitive. Yoast SEO is user-friendly and provides indicators to the user that their title tags and meta descriptions are either readable and optimized or not. This plugin helps users trust the website they’re clicking on.

Download the plugin and learn more at yoast.com.



Adding on to the importance of SEO best practices, Smartcrawl takes it one step further. Smartcrawl transforms your website into a blinking sign for web crawlers. This plugin sends signals to crawlers that your site harbors important information that needs to be crawled. Smartcrawl is able to automate keyword linking, customize your titles and metas so that they appear to crawlers in a way that makes them worthy of crawling and more.

Plugins for User Experience Optimization


Insert Headers and Footers

A big plus of WordPress is the ability to access, use and customize easily without the knowledge of coding. However, occasionally code needs to be added and that can mess up your theme in a matter of seconds. Insert Headers and Footers allows you to add the necessary code to your headers and footers without needing to fully edit your theme. This plugin is primarily useful to business owners.


Ultimate Branding

Although you may be able to customize your site or blog, that WordPress symbol is still present. It’s a small detail but it may confuse your visitors. With Ultimate Branding, you have the ability to replace the WordPress emblem with your own. This plugin allows you to make your site your own.

WordPress Plugins That Ensure Security



Nobody has the time to go through and search through each individual comment to delete the spam, on the flip side, visitors don’t want to see a comment section flooded with mile-long URLs that look like they could give your computer a virus. Akismet is a plugin that searches your comments for suspicious-looking spam, highlight and flags them and then logs history and allows you to go through and decide which flagged comments need to go.



VaultPress ensures that your site is backed up at all times. If your site were to ever crash it can easily be restored with a click of a button in just a matter of seconds. If VaultPress picks up a signal that alerts it to a dangerous file on your WordPress site it emails you directly so that problems can be caught early on.



Much like a well-oiled machine, Jetpack and VaultPress come together to give you the best possible defense against spam to your website. Jetpack syncs your comment, media files, posts and content to fight off attacks against your site. Along with security, this plugin also takes care of performance, growth in traffic, appearance, image optimization and more. By creating sitemaps and automatically sharing your content with search engines, Jetpack is sure to help grow your website in traffic and keep it safe while doing so.

Download Jetpack to start protecting and growing your site.

Image Optimizing Add-Ons


Nivo Slider

Seeing more images at once on a site is a coveted design feature. This cuts back on load times, especially for visitors who are browsing through an e-commerce site. Nivo Slider allows you to show multiple pictures at once or even implement a sliding home page. The sliding homepage is beneficial in many instances and allows you to showcase seasonal or limited time offers on your e-commerce website. 


WP Smush

Large images on your site put it at severe risk for slow load times and high bounce rates. Using an image optimization tool such as WP Smush is going to help keep your visitors on your site and increase their user experience. WP Smush has the ability to optimize JPEG, PNG and Gif image files. With their advanced image optimizing techniques you’re able to reduce the size of your images to save storage space while never losing that picture-perfect quality. 

Best E-commerce WordPress Plugins



Online stores make up a large percentage of websites floating around on the web. This makes sense because a lot of the time the main purpose of creating a website is to sell something or create revenue in one way or another. WooCommerce takes the guesswork out of selling items online. This plugin includes shipping options such as free shipping, local pickups, flat rates and so on. Payment options include check, card, cash and even PayPal. You also have the ability to sell actual items and products or non-physical items like tickets or experiences.

Top Plugins For Forms



Forms are an important aspect of many websites. Contact forms are used for a variety of reasons from Business to Consumer sites as well as Business to Business. WPForms allows you to drag and drop to build your customized form. You can use this plugin to create forms for email subscriptions, payments, online orders, polls and surveys.


Everest Forms

Much like WPForms, Everest Forms is a drag and drop custom form creation tool. There are a few features that set this form builder apart from the rest. With Everest Forms, you’re able to access Google reCaptcha support, redirect page options, the ability to edit form validation messages and the ability to create two-column forms.

Site Maintenance Plugins For WordPress



While working on a webpage you want to keep your visitors in the loop and let them know what’s going on and that you’ll be back momentarily! Create a visually appealing and fully functioning landing page that includes buttons to link you to social media, email contact forms and even a countdown for when you’ll be returning to the page.

CSS Hero

Business owners, much like many of you, don’t have the time or need to learn the art of editing CSS (cascading style sheets). This plugin allows you to make edits to any WordPress theme without having to get into the nitty-gritty of editing CSS code. 

Learn how you can easily use CSS Hero and reap all of the benefits of a fully customized theme.

Plugins For Communicating On WordPress



Stay connected with your visitors with this live chat support software. LiveChat is easy to add to any site and is extremely beneficial for customers to receive quick answers to their questions. This plugin has the ability to integrate your email setting as well. It loads quickly, even on mobile apps and is a great addition to any website.

Social Media WordPress Plugins


Shared Counts

This free plugin is by far the best WordPress social media plugin out there. It helps you add uniquely customized share buttons to your website as well as adding social proof, normally something that needs to be paid for!

These plugins are made to reduce your workload and make your website look professional and unique while operating smoothly. Download some of these plugins and watch your website transform before your eyes!

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