Why Fresh Content is Important

I’m not saying fresh content should be the bread and butter for your site, but it is imperative. Picture your website as a bakery. Your content and pages are the bread being sold. You get the most traffic when you are selling warm, fresh bread.

If your bread is old and stale, you may get one customer, but if the baguette has hardened that customer may never return. To keep customers happy, you rely on the neighborhood foodie, Ms. Google, to highly recommend your bakery.

The purpose of a search engine is to provide people with the most relevant information to their query.

Users want Google to point them to the bakery with the freshest pastries. Google implemented the freshness algorithm to sniff out and prioritize up to date and frequently updated content over stale and outdated sites.

How to stay fresh

Remember fresh content is time-sensitive.  Once your batch of bread is fully cooked the clock starts ticking until it is stale. Like selling bread, share any new and exciting updates before it becomes old news.

If you are not running a news site, then it is not necessary for daily updated content.

However, if your site provides products and services, then you should update content and be aware of the latest industry trends so you won’t fall behind your competitors. A bonus tip is to find what is next even before it is trending.

Running different sales and promotions throughout the year is another way to attract traffic. It tells Google and users know that your site is alive and reliable.

If your site does not offer products and services, then updating blog posts is a great way to attract traffic.

For example, if you are a medical company rather than promoting half off surgeries, keep an updated blog that is helpful and informative to viewers such as a post about – how to prevent the flu this season or how California’s healthcare system is doing during the immigration crisis. Make sure your content is unique and exciting, so it will be easier to attract viewers.

Links help Google crawlers find your site. If a high-quality website adds a link to your site on their page, then Google will trust the recommendation and be more willing to bump up your page in the search results. It is important to note that outside links should be coming from reliable sources.

Think about it, don’t you trust a bread connoisseur’s bakery recommendation over a t-rex’s suggestion?

Make sure your site is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Have a clear site path to get users where they want to go. Add internal links within texts that will take them to a product page. Include related products and services that are similar in content on your pages to keep guests on your website longer. Not only will this increase customer engagement, but it will signal to Google that your site is fresh and worth staying on.

Google prefers fresh content

Google is like your cool friend who always wears the latest trends and goes to the hottest clubs. Google loves fresh content.

It sees what users are choosing the most and how much time they are spending on a site. If a link is frequently visited, but the user leaves within twenty seconds, that signals to Google that that page is irrelevant.

Google may ignore small changes. If you are changing a link consider changing the surrounding text so Google may notice it more. However, on the other spectrum, too much change can confuse Google and affect your ranking. If you change your anchor text drastically, Google may determine you changed too much and devalue your old links.

Fresh content leads to more frequent crawling.

This does not necessarily mean that fresh content will give you a higher index rating, but the more you update your website with relevant articles, blogs, and new pages the more times search engines will visit your site. This gives you the opportunity to achieve higher rankings based on the content you offer.

Fresh content helps SEO

The more you publish, the more opportunities you have to implement keywords.

Keywords are a high priority on the search engine’s indexing and ranking. Optimize every page on your website with relevant keywords, but don’t overdo it. Your content should sound organic with keywords naturally integrated. Always make your content for users, not for search engines.

In most instances, viewers look up information from multiple sites and platforms to keep them in the loop on current events for things that matter to them.

Loyalty towards a site begins to build when a user constantly finds themselves on a particular site or have stayed on an individual page for an extended site. If your site keeps publishing valuable and intriguing content that captures the attention of viewers, then you will start to build a loyal following. You are giving users a reason to visit your website frequently.

Fresh content promotes continued traffic. Consistently updating articles or blog posting allows you to optimize keywords and attract visitors to your site.

With relevant content and consistent users, your site will develop a following, so it is advised to offer an email subscription. If you have a subscriber list where users get notified every time you post, they are more likely to click on your articles.

With great freshness comes great authority

As you continue to produce high-quality content and build a consistent following, your efforts won’t go unnoticed.  Search engines will recognize your site as a reliable source of valuable information on those topics. Google will label your site as a leading expert in the industry.

Here is a simple break down of what fresh content can do for you:

In a timely fashion, produce new content with rich keywords → Attract traffic → Google notices → Better rankings → Recognized as a reliable & trustworthy source → Labelled as an authority in the industry → Get Results!

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