Increase Webpage User Engagement With Videos

There is a strong correlation between a website’s user engagement and improving search engine optimization (SEO).

Much like engaging in a conversation, web page user engagement gives visitors to your website the opportunity to connect, interact, and receive information. Ultimately, this process will generate trust and credibility between a website user and your site. Additionally, providing content for a customer to engage with increases the possibility of making a conversion.

Given that it’s clear that web page user engagement is beneficial for SEO, it’s important that you identify strategies for building user engagement on your own site.

To do this, websites are increasingly using video to create an interaction between a brand and a website user. Website video offers a full range of SEO benefits by improving customer experience, retention of content, increasing dwell time, and providing opportunities to share content.

What is user engagement?

While there are many definitions floating around the Internet, user engagement can be simply defined as the interaction your website user has with your brand while on your web page. This can take the form of a user commenting on a blog post, viewing a video on your page, or simply reading your website’s content.

Why use video for user engagement?

Video is great for increasing user engagement because it provides users a convenient way to interact with your brand virtually and targets visual learners with convenient information. Often, there’s a wide range of visitors who will land on your web page, all of which have different goals, learnings styles, and varying levels of knowledge of your company.

Video allows your site to captivate a wider audience with your content, especially the large amount who are likely visual learners.

Developing a user engagement strategy with video

To implement video into your user engagement strategy, start with the valuable pages, or the ones that will provide the most return on investment (ROI). Creating a video can take a lot of time and other resources, so focusing on the areas of most impact is the best way to begin!

Once you have chosen the page you would like to add a video to, identify areas of the page that would benefit from supplemental material. Make sure this area of the page relates to the video’s content, as poorly placed video content will likely not help in converting website users. Additionally, the more a video’s content is purposed for what the user is searching for, the longer it will be watched, which ultimately increases dwell time.

For ideas on how to increase customer engagement with video on a specific page or section of your website, check out the below examples of content video marketing.

Examples of Customer Engagement with Video

Client reviews and testimonial videos

One of the most powerful forms of marketing your brand is through your customers advocating for you. To bolster your brand through “word of mouth” virtually, client and customer testimonial videos is a powerful tool.

If you are looking for video content for your homepage, about us page, or even a related product page, customer testimonial videos are a great way to earn the trust of website users, all while improving SEO initiatives.

Brand-building videos

Add some of your company’s personality to your web page with behind-the-scenes content, employee and department spotlights, and special announcements. This type of content, along with many others of these examples is great for sharing in snippets on social media as well! Typically, your home page or about us page is ideal for this type of video content.

Telling your story through a video

Telling your company story through a video is a great way to communicate your roots, mission, vision, and values in a personable way. If your company identity is an important part of your selling proposition, a brief video explaining your story may be good to have on your about us page.

Videos with a call to action

Videos offer a great opportunity to both verbally and visually give a call to action to your audience. For whatever video content you add to your site, remember to add a call to action towards the end to continue to move customers through your funnel.

Customer-created videos

Want to add a stamp of trust and credibility to the products you are selling? Customer-created videos will do just that! Whether customers are posting an unboxing video or explain how they use a particular product, these videos can humanize the products you are offering, and are great for spreading customer satisfaction.

Product informational videos

For just about any product, a visual guide to the specs, benefits, and look of a product on your website can add value to a product page. Not only can a great product informational video improve customer engagement on a page, but it can also help to boost conversion rates! Product informational videos work great on e-commerce product pages.

How-to videos

For more complicated products or ones that require set-up/installation, ease the frustration of your customers by including a how-to video. These videos not only increase user engagement on a web page, but also communicate to a customer that you care about their success after the sale.

Videos educating customers

For many blog posts, adding video content within the main body can supplement the learning and retention of material better. Additionally, it helps break up the content for better readability and provides a better scope of the material.

Website engagement metrics for videos

It’s important to analyze the impact of the videos on your website. To do this, a few video marketing metrics can be used which provide you with actionable information to continue to create better content.


Views are the simplest way to measure interest in videos on your site. Aside from the number of views, analytics that measure the length of time users are spending watching each video, and the retention rate is important to understand. These metrics will help you understand if your video content is captivating or even a beneficial addition to your page.

Dwell time

The longer users are watching your video content, the longer they will be on your site, or the longer their dwell time will be. While this helps with SEO, the dwell time of a page can also be used as a metric for determining the video content’s fit for a page, and whether it’s useful to users.


Finally, video analytics can give great insight into the demographics of your audience. This is useful to your company because it lets you know details about customers who are interested enough in your product to spend time watching your video content.

Increase user engagement on your website with video

It’s clear that there is a great opportunity for SEO with website video, and the great thing is, there is a wide selection of options to implement video across your site on various pages as we discussed in our examples. To progress further than your competitors, implement video on your website today.

Whether you’re just starting out from scratch or have been in the website game for years, video is a great way to bolster your SEO efforts. To begin, it’s helpful to analyze your website’s current state in terms of SEO. Use our free Grade My Website tool to get an analysis of your website today!

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