The Importance of Contact Forms on a Website

Optimizing a website to gain more traffic can be a difficult task, and there’s a lot of factors that go into it! What most people don’t know, however, is the importance of having a contact form on a website. Just like any other SEO optimization strategy, whether it’s adding long-tail keywords, internal links, a search bar, breadcrumbs – you name it – having a contact form on a website is just as important. If you can help your life, your users’ lives, and your business, then why not start now? Learn the benefits that a contact form has on a website, and you’ll be looking to implement one in no time.

Contact Forms Providing Easy Access to You

Whether you’re selling a product or selling a service, having contact forms on your website will give you a better chance of closing the sale. When an individual visits your site and takes a look at what you have to offer, there’s a good chance that they will have a question to ask before deciding to purchase, especially if it’s a higher-priced product or service. By providing a contact form, it gives users a simple, easy route to asking their question. 

If there is not a form for users to ask questions, schedule an appointment, get a quote, etc. then there is a possibility that they won’t bother finding a way to make contact and, instead, continue to look somewhere else. The last thing you want to do is drive users away, especially when that could lead to them going onto your competitor’s websites.

Contact Form Benefits on User Experience

You not only want to have the contact form on your site, but you’ll want to make sure it’s in an easily reachable location. If users have to search for the contact form, then there isn’t much point to even having one. A great location to put your form is in the header with a clear call to action like, “Contact Us” or “Get a Quote.” This way, it is accessible from every page of your site, creating a positive user experience.

It’s also beneficial to place internal links or buttons throughout your site that leads to the contact form page. An excellent location for these is at the bottom of internal pages because they pose as a reminder to users that they have the option to contact. Think about it, after you scroll down a page, viewing products or services, that is when you are likely to have a question, schedule an appointment, or request a quote. By having that link or button at the end of your product or service pages, it will have a better chance of getting used, which increases your overall leads.

Easily Keep Track of User Information

In business, getting inquiries from potential buyers is always a great sign, but without a contact form, it may be challenging to keep track of everyone. If people only reach out through calling or perhaps they even take the time to come into your place of business, there’s the possibility that the important information like their name, phone number, email, etc. does not get recorded. Sometimes you’re busy with a lot on your mind, or maybe someone new is taking the calls and forgets to ask, or perhaps the callers forget to mention it because they are more focused on what they are asking. In any way, this can lead to the unwanted situation of not getting that potential buyer to convert since you don’t have the necessary information needed to contact them back.

Helps You Keep Up with Inquiries

Along with keeping records of the user’s contact information, it may be hard to keep up with the inquiries. For instance, if you only provide a phone number on your website, then you could be receiving calls all day and end up losing the time to get anything else done. However, a form can help track the user’s important information and inform the users that you will get back to them as soon as possible. One great way to do this is by tracking your conversion data. Tracking the data will help keep a record of the user’s contact information and allow you to view and respond to the individual when you have the time.

Helps You Understand What May be Missing

You want to make sure you are providing the information that users are looking for in their search. An important area to focus on is user intent. Ask yourself, “What are my users looking for?” and then provide it! It may be informational, navigational, or transactional. What’s great about contact forms is that users are telling you what kind of information they want. Contact forms can help you see what you may be missing on your website. If you start to see a trend in questions, then it is highly recommended to include this information on your website. A great place to put this is on a page specific for frequently asked questions. 

Tips to Creating a Solid Contact Form

It’s clear that having a contact form on your website is essential, but now you may be asking, “how do we make one”? You don’t want to throw just any old contact form on your site and then call it a day. You want to make sure you are designing your site so that people will actually use the form and follow through with submitting their information. The key is to keep it simple and to the point. 

You want to make sure you are only asking for the needed information that you’ll actually use. Oftentimes this includes name, phone number, email address, and a text box for the user to write their message. Asking for too much personal information may scare the customer away. Not all individuals are comfortable with giving their personal information out, especially over the internet. Also, asking additional questions will likely drive users away because users won’t want to take the time to answer them. Put yourself in the shoes of the user, and ask yourself:

  • What kind of form would I consider filling out? 
  • What information would I be willing to give out? 
  • How much time would I spend on answering extra marketing questions? 

Keeping these types of questions in mind when creating your contact form can help you create one that is best for your users.


If your website doesn’t have a contact form, then you’re missing out on a great SEO strategy – one that will give you more leads! Contact forms are helpful to you and your users. It gives them a better user experience by making it easier to contact you, and it helps you stay organized. You can stay on top of your day’s tasks by getting back to them at a later time, and there is no worry of missing any of their information because it’ll be tracked for you. 

Competing in the business world can be challenging, especially in today’s day and age. With the complexity of the internet, the industry constantly changing, and search engines like Google updating or changing their algorithms, it can sometimes feel impossible to keep up. At WebFX, our team of professionals does what is necessary to optimize your website based on trends and industry changes. Contact us today to begin your journey to a more significant, more successful web presence.

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